Sunday, 12 March 2017

Warrior of the 5th mystery

The first warrior of the Alluminarchate is finally finished!
Many things happened in the last months, and I am happy to say that I took part in the fantastic AoS28 project launched by Jake at ExProfundis and hosted on The Grand Alliance forum and FB. It's a great endeavour, aiming to represent all the potential of the AoS setting through careful narrative and conversions of small war bands inspired by the well known Inq28 community.
My Alluminarchate will be only one of many wonderful gangs of weird and never seen before inhabitants of the Mortal Realms, many of which have already been completed and visible on the forums and websites affiliated.
I am, as usual, quite slow at making good progresses, but I finally finished the first warrior of my small band and can say I am fairly happy with the result. It is not the most striking colour scheme I ever used but I gave myself a goal with these minis... I wanted them to look exactly as I envisioned them: pure white and gold, almost blazing with light. No blues, no rich reds or purples, only these two colours... It has been a real challenge to achieve a non-monotonous miniature with only two colours, and I had to carefully plan my palette ahead of starting. To create a bit of variety I used two tones of white: creamy and blueish, which I used for different parts of the model: cream on armour and weapons, blueish white on the flowing vests and cloak. The gold parts were simple enough but then I knew I wanted to add a chequered motif on some parts of the miniatures. This was done for two main reasons: 1) It's an obvious reference to the early warhammer iconography, and one I personally always liked. 2) It is also a great allegory of the eternal struggle between Law and Chaos, which was central to the old setting in its first incarnations and I much preferred to the present "good vs bad" feel. Also, This was the heraldry of an order of Alluminas' paladins in a RPG campaign of a good friend and it felt appropriate enough to be recycled for my Alluminarchate.
For the base I wanted to represent the prosperous and magical lands of Anaryn as I imagined them, inspired by this John Blanche very old artwork:

Not Mr.Blanche best work probably but I really liked the old school magical vibe of the landscape, very fitting for Aos and the Realm of Hysh!

I will now endeavour to complete my war band in a reasonable time and will post here and on TGA soon.

Thanks for looking


Sunday, 29 January 2017

The Alluminarchate of Hysh

Tonight, when darkness will embrace the land and the light of courage will fickle in our heart, we shall walk again the Path of the Enlightened and reflect upon the Fifth Mystery of Sehemaza:
"He who witnesses my radiant splendor shall see his deeds restored and preserved, stronger than stone, purer than light, as to embrace my Law means to resist the ways of the Changer" 
Glory to the Luminarch, Alluminas be praised

New year, new project! As some of you might have noticed I took a couple of months break from the hobby, while I was struggling to get enough motivation to finish any of my (many) ongoing projects... Of course when inspiration stroke me again it urged me to start a new one, as if I did not have enough down the pipeline. Anyway, I should blame for it the great Bruticus at Ex Profundis (go check his blog, amazing stuff over there) as his recent chaos warband of worshippers of Malal sparkled in me way more than just nostalgia for the old world pantheon and gave me a idea for an AoS bunch of worshippers of the Law God Alluminas the Protector.
Not much is remembered of this deity in the Age of Sigmar (and indeed not much was even known in the World that Was) apart form the fact that Alluminas is one of the three Chaos Gods of Law (delightful paradox of the Moorcock's legacy of the early warhammer), an entity of astral complexity whose sole purpose is to undo the deeds of Chaos by fighting change in every form.
Some of you might remember the Law Gods from the first edition of WFRP, where they were briefly mentioned as beings rarely worshipped as the associated creeds are generally beyond human comprehension or desires. But the Age of Sigmar is a completely different time, and we can imagine that after centuries of chaos rampages some of the inhabitants of the Mortal Realms might desire a bit more... stability! Well Alluminas would definitely bring them some if only he cared or even existed!

Let's jump to this project then, which revolves around the idea of a small kingdom in the Realm of Hysh (Light) protected by an order of warrior-monks called the Luminarchate whose hq is an abbey/library which survived miraculously the Age of Chaos. Much like our own benedictine monks during the Dark Ages, I imagined the Luminarchate to have origined from an order of monks who spent centuries collecting and protecting all the knowledge they could find, copying it in manuscripts and enchanted tomes which they kept locked in a giant Fortress-Library. It was thorough their endless quest that they found out about the Law Gods and started to worship Alluminas for protection, trusting the Unmoving God with the preservation of their holy work.
When Sigmar's Storm broke and the Age of Chaos came to an end the ancient Realmgate deep in the heart of the Abbey cracked open and a small company of marble clad giants emerged from the swirling void beyond. Similar in appearance to the image of their god the Luminarchate named them Astrafteros, the Gleaming Ones and started worshipping them as emanations of their god. These divine warriors spoke to the people of the Luminarchate telling them that the time had come to leave the boundaries of their hiding place and finally spread the True Word of the Law to the rest of the land and to liberate them from the curse of change. Armed with all the knowledge of times long gone the Luminarchate warriors are powerful indeed and their zeal is unshakeable like the will of their god.
Strangely they do not seem to see any difference between their patron and the astral god worshipped by the Astrafteros, who in turn never spoke against their creed or their rites. Are Sigmar and Alluminas one and the same or are the new comers exploiting the religious fervor of the Lminarchate to fulfill their own goals?

I will leave you to ponder this, in the meantime here goes the first WIP of one of the elite warriors of the Luminarchate... eternal glory to whom will manage to tell me where all the bits come from (there are a LOT of different kits there). I will start painting this bad boy (good boy?) very soon, and will post more angles and better pics later this week.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Riders of the last Sunset

Let our enemies fear our approach
let them cower at the sound of our warcries
We will descend upon them with our god's wrath
We will spill their blood and crush their bones
We will turn this plain into an altar of the War God
and they will witness the might of the Asur one more time
before darkness falls and the sun sets on the ruins of our world

Hi guys!

It took me forever to put together this chariot, and I suspect it will take me even longer to paint it, but I am quite happy with the conversion as it conveys the ancient Iliad vibe I am trying to push with this project.
The idea is of course the one of a powerful elven champion riding on the plains of Ulthuan in the last battles of the Rhana Dandra. 
Khaine did not yet consumed his soul but he is urging his faithful auriga (charioteer) to plunge deep into the enemy lines looking for a chance to cast his spear against one of their heroes. That's all I thought at the moment, I will come out with a name and a proper background for him while I paint the model.
I have always been fascinated by chariots and their use as a weapon by the elves, something that always reminded me of an ancient and powerful bronze age-like culture which clings to their forefathers traditions and fight their enemies with skill and bravery rather than tricks or subterfuge.
Though I like them I never got to work on one as I always thought that, though the Tiranoc chariot kit has some great potential, the model itself has not aged well. Reins are too chunky, the crew is a bit too static and many bits look a bit clumsy compared to more modern kits. So I set up to convert my first (and probably only) chariot in a way that satisfied me, which involved a lot of repositioning, kitbashing and some green stuff work.
The reins are not attached to the horses for granting more freedom while painting and there are still a couple of details that I would like to touch up before basecoating but generally speaking the model is ready for painting.

Hopefully I will be able to post an update later this week.

As always thanks for looking!


Saturday, 5 November 2016

The Aeskhaine

Blood Run...
Anger Rises...
Death Wakes...
War Calls

Hi guys, I wanted to share my latest conversion for an Aeskhaine, the crazy and sad elves who fell under the Shadow of Khaine and were uncapable of pull themselves out... They followed Tyrion in his last battles for Ulthuan in ever growing number and were the bulk of his army during the final battle for the Isle of the Deads.
The idea of the Aeskhaine always seemed great to me, as it filled the absence of male followers of Khaine (the assassin do not count as they worship Khaine in his aspect of Night Hunter rather than war god, as do the rest of my Aestyron).
The model was inspired by some bits form the wold riders I ordered last week, which really pushed me to try a fairly ambitious conversion involving bits form white lions, doomfire warlocks, wild riders and tenebrael shard... It helsped to have a quite firm idea of what I was after in terms of result, but still I was surprised by how easily and nicely all the bits went together and I really believe my pitiful photographic skills do not make the model justice... Hopefully i will be able to snap some better pics of the painted mini once I get to finish it.
A always, thanks for watching, I hope to post more updates on this project soon!


Sunday, 23 October 2016

Ælrik finished!

There is the heat of rage, 
the pulsing rush of hate, 
the Bloody-Handed irresistible whisper,
Magic to make the sanest of us go mad

Hi guys!
As you may have noticed it took me quite a long time to finally come back to the hobby, many changes in life to adjust with etc... But I finally found the motivation to come back to my Aestyrions and possibly push a bit more to actually complete a small warband!
That's where I am with it at the moment...

Monday, 29 February 2016

Khaine's wrath

Hi guys!

Another update on Prince Aelrik.

He is done and ready for painting! As Gonfrask suggested, I added a voluminous cloak, and I must agree with him it does add to the model, enhancing the sense of speed and the noble aspect of the prince (besides it ties him to the rest of my cloaked spearmen).

I used the DE assassin cloak for the conversion and had to resculpt it slightly to fit it to the rest of the model, but it was worthy in the end!

Thursday, 25 February 2016

The Black Handed Prince

The wrath do thou sing, O goddess, of Ullaron's son Ælrik
that baneful wrath which brought countless woes upon the Asur, 
and sent forth to Mirai many valiant souls of warriors,
and made themselves to be a spoil for beasts and all manner of birds;
and thus the will of Khaine was being brought to fulfillment

Good Morning!
Just a quick update on my ongoing project, Prince Ælrik of Cothique, commander of my Aesrtyrion host.

Inspiration for this character came obiouvsly from the cover of the 7th ed HE book with a twist toward the greek vibe. As with the rest of the warband I am aiming at a Iliad feel for him, which to me, is one of the main inspirations for End Times Khaine (or should have been). Think of him as my Achilles, an invincible warrior torn apart by grief and hatred who willingly stepped into the Shadow of Khaine to avenge his lost but found out too late that the path he'd chosen led only to madness.

What I wanted to achieve with him was a simple and dynamic conversion, I wanted to suggest a sense of speed and elegance but keep him as threatening as an elven price should be.
Though apparently simple, the conversion has proven quite a challenge by now,  since I was pushing myself to get the best possible result without any use of Greenstuff. 
I almost did it, though some of the gaps will need filling and details like the reins and saddle will need to get sculpted as well, but most of the work on him is done and I hope that the small bits I need to add will not be an issue for my allergy (finger crossed)

The bits come from a variety of kits, mainly the Tiranoc chariot's horse (possibly the only decently sculpted horses in the High Elves range), legs and base from the High Elves prince kit, sword and head from the Phoenix Guard (with the usual eldar dire avenger's crest, this time I used the exarch one) and the torso from the ellyrian riders' champion form IoB.

I hope to be able to complete the details before the weekend and to start painting him next week.

This Aestyrion project is a really nice breath of fresh air in my hobby activity right now, it gives me the opportunity to assemble a small force with a very high tabletop standard quality without compromising my schedule on other projects. A good thing about AoS is that you don't need to paint your way through 100 rank&file models before being able to play a short battle, a change I really welcome! Now, if only they did not destroy my beloved Old World:(