Saturday, 8 December 2018

Baba Raghul, the Fortune Teller

Those born with the Moon in the House of Azyr will always cast their gaze over the horizon and theirs will be the secrets of the paths lost and the ones yet to open 

(pictures courtesy of Maxime Pastourel)

The second model for my warband is now up on the blog des Kouzes for day 8 to the advent calendar!
Members of the caravan who can trace their lineage directly back to the mirrored city of Shadespire are known as Babus, an ancient title used by the patriarchs of that once mighty kingdom.
Raghul is one of the elders of the Caravan, his wisdom and advise often sought by the Queen of Crescents on matters of diplomacy and conflict. He has travelled across all the Eight Realms and he is said to once have set foot on the Realm of Chaos itself . Children and adults alike are always eager to hear his tall tales around campfires, often wondering how much of them is true and what has been crafted by the compelling imagination of this master storyteller. His status among his peers though comes not just from his own talents and ascendancy for he is also the keeper of the Orb of Echoes. This relic from Shysh was forged from Shadeglass and within it are contained the souls of the original founders of the Caravan, the Katophranes who managed to escape the wrath of Nagash. By looking into it Baba Raghul is capable of communicating with the souls of these mighty warlocks who whisper secrets and share with him lost and ancient knowledge. Looking into the Orb is a dangerous task though, as opening the doors of the Underworld often means exposing oneself to the gaze of Nagash and his minions. 

Baba Raghul, essentially a gipsy nobleman of the Age of Sigmar, was a fairly easy conversion but one I consider quite successful in changing the aesthetic of the base model: the Idoneth Soulscriber.
The inspiration for this particular piece (and some of the warband in general) comes from the art of Gary Chalk (Lone Wolf books) and tries to capture the very classic imagery of the eastern warlock from fairy tales. I found that the original artwork of Shadespire captured very well that exotic vibe and I based my conversions loosely on this image in particular.

This was the starting point. I wanted to build a warband that expanded on that aesthetic and explored the background of Shadespire form the untold point of view of a group of descendants of survivors of Nagash' vengeance.

(Sorry for the atrocious close-ups)

The painting focused on creating a strong focal point in the globe, not an easy feat considering that I already used all the brightest colours on the rest of the model, so I had to take a slightly different approach: I decided to play with the interaction between his facial expression and whatever he was looking in the globe. The head I chose to use (from the Luminark acolytes) had an interesting worried expression, like he was looking at something scary, so I decided to play on it and create a sort of Peppin and the Palantir moment. The Fortune Teller is looking in the depths of the orb, trying to communicate with the spirits of his ancestors, when Nagash himself manages to sneak into the vision and freak the hell out of him!
Painting Nagash' angry face on the curved surface of the orb was definitely a challenge but the overall composition worked well in the end and this one is one of the pieces I am most happy with in my warband.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Mathos, Guardian of the Caravan

“Those born with the Moon in the House of Aqshy will possess the loyalty of a hound and bronze will be their bribe for the gatekeeper once their time has come” 

(pictures courtesy of Maxime Pastourel)

And here we finally are with the first model of my warband for the Advent Calendar 2018!
This project was kickstarted by Morbäck of Le Blog des Kouzes, who kindly invited me to take part to this year calendar alongside his friends: Arg, Daouide and Cagn.
It has been a blast and over the course of the next few weeks you will get to see the result of our work, 5 war bands from the Age of Sigmar, each one with a different thematic and personal take on the background.

My contribution for this year has been based on the concept of a caravan of gypsy-like nomads, travelling the Mortal Realms since the immemorial hunted by an ancient evil.

Mathos is the first member of my warband, a fierce warrior sworn to protect the Caravan of the Hundred Moons and its people.
The aim with this warband was to explore a different aesthetic to the one previously seen for the inhabitants of the Mortal Realms, something with a distant and eldritch middle eastern flavour, like it was out of one of the Arabian Nights tales but could also fit well alongside what we know so far of the people of the Age of Sigmar.

I can't wait to be able to show you more in the future!


Friday, 30 November 2018


Hi Guys!
Just a quick post to remind you all that the Advent Calendar begins tomorrow!

Head over to the blog of Les Kouzes and feast your eyes on the amazing work that my french hosts prepared for this special event, and heads up for my contribution as well!

I will follow up with an article here on PINXIT for every one of my entry as soon as they come out on Les Kouzes.

Super excited about this!


Tuesday, 20 November 2018

New Moon Rising

The Oracle never lies
Fate is not written in the heavens
But in the dust left behind on your trail
Go on seeker
Ask any question you wish 
What does your heart crave the most?
Whose shadow keeps you awake at night?

The Oracle never lies

Good evening my brave loyal followers! (if indeed any of you is still around)
I know I have disappeared for many long months but the time have finally come to share with you some happy new!
Last summer I have been contacted by the legendary Morbäck (aka Maxime Pastourel, the man behind some of the best citadel miniatures ever sculpted and co-author of the illustrious blog Les Kouzes) who kindly invited me to participate to this year Advent Calendar!

Some of you might know him and the event already but for those of you who don't I wholeheartedly invite you to check out the wonderful work done by the team of Les Kouzes and their guests over the past couple of years.

This year the theme will be Age of Sigmar and I will be contributing with a totally fresh and new  warband which will be shared alongside the truly stunning works of Daouide, Morbäck, Larg and Cagn during the whole month of December, one each day, until Christmas.

I cannot tell you more at this stage but it will be truly epic and I want to thank Max and the rest of the crew of Les Kouzes to give me this fantastic opportunity to work side by side with some of the most talented hobbyists around and explore together the quirky nature of the Mortal Realms from new, unexpected angles.

Keep an eye on this space for future updates and by all means make sure to check Les Kouzes blog from the 1st December!

See you all there very soon!

Friday, 15 June 2018

Marble Tutorial

Hi folks!

After receiving numerous requests to share with you my marble recipe I finally decided to write a short tutorial with some picture of how the process is done... It is actually really easy and straightforward so it won't be a long post but hopefully you will find it useful. If you have any comment or question just write a comment and I will do my best to respond.
Ok, let's start!

Stage 1: Basecoat and first shading
After cleaning and assembling the model I gave it a basecoat of Corax White spray, which I subsequently retouched by brush with Ceramite White. Once this base was completely dry I applied the first shade. For this I chose a mix of 50/50 Reikland Fleshshade and Lahmian Medium and generously applied it to the whole model. As you probably know the medium prevents the shade to form stains while it dries creating a more even and smoother finish.

Stage 2: Second shading
Once the Reikland Fleshshade has dried out completely (some 30 mins) I applied a second shade with Drakenhof Nightshade, in the same way as the first wash, diluted with Lahmian medium, this time though the ratio was 25% shade 75% medium (Drakenhof is a very dark and strong shade and you just want it to be very subtle, not make your marble too blue). Wait for this coat to dry and then apply a little bit of extra Drakenhof shade (again 25/75 with LM) to some random areas of the model. This is done to mimic the fact that marble has pretty random and dishomogeneus stains so don't worry too much about some of it drying and leaving a slight stain over some areas, you will be able to make it look like marble natural imperfections later on.

Stage 3: highlights and touching ups 
Nothing special here, just go back with a thin brush over the edges of the armour with a standard edge highlight with pure white (I used Ceramite White).

Stage 4: Pencil marks
Ok, here goes the fun part. With a tiny mechanical pencil (I used a BIC with an HB point) draw very carefully some random lines along the armour. Do not apply too much pressure and try not to exaggerate with the amount of lines you draw. These represents marble veins and will go a really long way simulating the right effect. Take your time with this stage, I find it quite enjoyable as it is one of those rare special effects techniques that really change dramatically the look of the miniature in a few stokes.

Stage 5: final touching ups
It's done! To be honest you can easily skip this passage and stick to stage 4 but I prefer to push it the extra mile and retouch the veins I just drew with fine lines of Reikland Fleshshade and drakenhof Nightshade. Just use a fine brush and take some colour straight form the pot and apply it trying to follow roughly the pencil marks. It's not necessary to be too precise, marble veins are irregular in nature and you can achieve a great result even with a shaky hand.

There you go! It's truly a quick and easy technique which gives great results! It is also great if you want to batch paint a whole army as it mainly consists of shades over a white base coat.

If any of you guys wants to give it a go and share the results please do not be shy and email me, I'd love to look at your models!


Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Knights from a distant past


I was back home in turin this weekend and had some time to take some pictures of my old bretonnians, the last army I completed for WH. These were done in 2013 while living in South America and were my proud and joy for many years afterward until the days of AoS... they never saw the battlefield though, something I am quite sad about.

These are just some of them and although I never got to complete a playable army for 8 ed, they were the closest thing to an army I completed since my teenage days.
To overcome the boredom of painting so many models I came up with an idea that I have to say was quite successful: I divided my army into what I called “Ordonnances” , inspired by medieval military history. Each knight is accompanied by 2 men at arms, 2 archers and a mounted squire, which were all painted together... so instead of having to work my way through 20 men at arms in one go my army greaw esponentialky while allowing me to paint at a more enjoyable pace.
This is an example of two ordonnances:

Monday, 28 May 2018

Double trouble!

Hi Again!

Bank holiday weekend means I am pushing forward with my ghurians and had another one done this afternoon! Two models in a day, TOTAL RECORD!!!!

Here he goes, along with a shot of the warband so far (hardly a warband yet, but getting there)

I feel like they are coming along nicely if I can say so myself. Maybe not my best work but certainly they are something different and personal, just as I wanted them!

Let me know