Sunday, 22 April 2018

Second archer

Hi all! Quick update with another archer for my Sons of Or. Quite happy with him and the rest of the bunch, can’t wait to start painting them!

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Shoot that Mammoth

Good Morning from the Appalathian Plains!

Today I want to introduce you to a new member of my tribes and the first archer of the warband.
I coverted it quickly yesterday evening (instead of going to the gym, oh well) and I am pretty happy with the result, which is in keep with the rest of the tribal warriors.
The plan is to add another two to the warband and a couple more warriors with spear and shield, trying to take their number to 10, a decent size hunting pack. The road to get there is still a long one but I am benefitting of an inspiration burst and I know I have to take advantage of it before it goes away!

The obvious observation is that the bow is small, perhaps too much for such a bulky savage. But while I was trying different combinations of bits, including the most obvious Empire archers bows, this one was the one that convinced me the most! Perhaps is because it seem to add to the savage aspect of the hunter (longbows were a very recent invention and definitely not available in ancient primitive cultures) or perhaps because it seem to give it a more brutal feel, like a melee weapon as well as a bow. Its small size, almost reminiscent of a crossbow, inspired me to try something new I never attempted before: sculpting a bow string! Tricky as hell but I must say I like the final result, hopefully it will make it intact my first game.

I must admit that much of this recovered enthusiasm for my Sons of Or is due to the amazing response I received form the hobby community in the past month after my small accident. I was sincerely overwhelmed by the support of all of you guys and this really motivated me to get back to painting and converting!
Thank you all very much!

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Bestial strength

The tribes of Or are back hunting across the plains of the Alderans! I am experiencing a rare rush of inspiration that is pushing me to explore once again my personal corner of the AoS setting and I hope there will be more of them coming in the close future.
This one must be my favourite conversion for the Son of Or up to date. The pose just works very well (credit goes, once again, to the amazing Kairic Acolytes kit) and the small greenstuff additions are quite subtle and natural if I can say so myself.
Big inspiration for this project (and for my ghurians in general) comes from Frazetta art and from the very excellent Jacque-Alexandre Gillois sculptures of the Vorag barbarians back in the early 2000 (still think those are the best barbarians sculptures available today).
I also treated myself to the Darkoath Warqueen miniature today! She will be converted into a leader for my warband but not before I finish sculpting some more tribesmen... I need some archers!


Monday, 26 March 2018

Back to the plains

Good Morning!

Since last post I have received lots of nice messages and emails of support for which I am incredibly grateful! Some of you even made spontaneous donation which I really believe I don't deserve but again, I was delighted to see how many amazing people gravitate around this hobby.

Since you were all very vocal about your wishes to see some of my works again I decided to go back to my Ghurians this sunday  and revisit one of my earlier conversions: the horn blower.

This fellow has a very important role within the tribe. He is the one entrusted with the holy Jagdhurn, whose notes announce the beginning of a holy hunt.

The decision to revisit this conversion comes from the fact that I am back working on my Sons of Or and have found in the Kairic Acolytes kit the base models I sought for my ghurians. In the past I used the bloodreaver (back then the only suitably naked human model in AoS range) for this project but after seeing the acolytes kit I knew they were more in line with what I had in my mind when I envisioned the Sons of Or. Barefoot, no marks or tattoos, a potentially quite sober look and a great base for conversions as so many hobbyists have proven with their work in the past year (first and foremost Duncan Rhodes amazing spearmen). So I bought a kit and started doodling with them back a few months ago but then shifted my attention to other projects and lost focus. Now I feel like coming back to them and I am working on three of these at a time with plans for many bestial additions to the band: sabertooh beasts converted form gryph-hounds, winged black krakaros and the creation of a new leader for my hunters: Or-Sha, the bride of Orar, based on the amazing new Darkoath Warqueen.
My ghurians will son be expanded then so keep an eye on here for more Or-worshipping tribal shenanigans!

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Sale time

Good afternoon everyone,

Due to some unexpected circumstances involving a robbery and not having any insurance in place (a lesson a young adult has to learn at some point) I will be forced to put on sale some of my miniatures to sort out my finances.

As much as I do not enjoy having to do it, the following miniatures will be put on eBay in the next few days but before doing that I thought some of you might have been interested in getting them without the hassle of an eBay auction... So here we go, these are the minis and the prices, which take in consideration the retail value of the mini itself plus the time I spent on each.

Please note that the price of each miniature is EXCLUDING delivery charges that will be charged separately

Stormcast eternal 1: Price: 100 
This model was painted as a test for a colour scheme I had in mind for the stormcast eternals. The buyer will get a step by step tutorial on how the marble effect was achieved complete with pictures included in the price that will be sent to them via email as part of the purchase.

Stormcast eternal 2: Price: 100 
This is the second model I did with the marble technique. As the first one the model will come with a step by step tutorial on how to achieve the marble effect included in the price.

The Alluminarch of Anaryn: Price: 250 
This is the leader of my Anaryn warband I created last year. The conversion is pretty complex and involved a great amount of different bits taken from various kits. The model have been painted to a high standard and is an excellent collection piece.

Warrior of the Alluminarchate: Price: 75 

This is the test model for my warriors of the Alluminarchate I did last year.

Warrior of the Sons of Or: Price: Price: 75 
Created two years ago as part of my warband from the plains of Ghur

Anyone wishing to combine more than 1 model will get a 10% discount on the second one or you could take the whole lot for 500€

If anybody is interested or would like to know about any other work of mine that is not included in this list, please contact me at

Thank you all!


Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Sword and Sorcery

I have seen the book,
The book that turned Darkness
into Light

Tomm Moore, The Secret of Kells

Update! The warriors of the 4th and 5th mysteries are finally complete and based! Really pleased with the result. After a lot of thoughts and indecision I am finally sold on using metal for the armour instead of the cream colour I used on the first warrior and the Alluminarch. It makes it more fantasy and less sci-fi and, coupled with the new flame and sun motifs on the vests, give the model an old school vibe that I am very pleased about. It sort of looks like something out of a black and white illustration from Realm of Chaos!
There are very subtle differences between the two warriors, to distinguish the members of each circle of mystery in the order. The trim of the armour for instance but also the motif on the parchment hanging form the back plate should indicate the rank of the warrior within the order.

As I stated previously, this group is definitely nowhere near to be the "good guys". They are an order of fanatical puritans whose only aim is to annihilate every form of social progress and take the battle against chaos in an extremely literal way which would ultimately be as destructive as the powers they seek to eradicate.
Imagine them as an esoteric version of the Ku Klux Klan which is ruling a whole kingdom. The people living under their rule are impotent slaves of the Alluminarch vision of a perfect and immovable society, rigidly divided into casts and completely deprived of any concept of self betterment. The very opposite of the "Free People" of the Mortal Realms. A good comparison could be the Mechanicus in 40k. A stagnant order of sorcerers who struggle to preserve fragments of ancient past knowledge without questioning or seeking any improvement. If the Alluminarch had the technology for creating them he would love servitors!
Which makes me think... Fantasy servitors???

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Warriors of the Fifth Mystery

Faith is the strength 
by with a shattered world
shall emerge into light

Helen Keller

It was about time that I posted an actual update around here! I could go on to tell you all the usual stuff, how life is getting busier, work and responsibilities and bla bla bla, but you came here to loo at some toy soldiers so here you go, another couple of warriors for my Alluminarchate warband!

These two belong to the elite Fifth Circle, meaning that they disclosed the true meaning of five of the eight mysteries of Sehemaza and are only a few steps away from total enlightenment (though from here it doesn't get any easier and nobody, not even the Alluminarch himself have ever grasped the meaning of the eighth and final Mystery). The knowledge they possess and the deadly weapons they wield make these two types really dangerous, specially if you happen to have sworn allegiance to the Dark Gods. In game (if I ever get to play one) they will probably use the rules of the Sisters of Avelorn which I reckon should be quite deadly in a small game of Skirmish, wreaking havoc form afar and helping my brave warriors with some ballistic support. Apart from the flaming bows from the SoA kit the rest of the conversion is identical to the one already experimented on my other warrior that you can see below finally completed with a proper fluffy base to match his leader the Alluminarch.

I am really happy with the final result on this mini, representing the third and hopefully final incarnation of this conversion that I was able to refine over the past months (actually it's almost one year since I came out with the concept of the Alluminarchate and I am still down to these three guys plus the leader... food for thoughts).

Again, for the ones among you who wants to know, the bits for this conversion come from a variety of both fantasy and 40k kits. Legs are from the HE Phoenix Guards with front armour and loincloth form the Sister of Silence 40k kit. The body is converted starting from the AdMech Skitarii Rangers with the top amor plate from the Ruststalkers Princeps. Shield and sun symbol are from the AoS Stormiest Knights Excelsiors (with resculpted parts to suit the war band's theme) and the head is a Bretonnian Men at Arms helmet with a SM Iron Armour MKIII faceplate from the Burning of Prospero box set. Arms are generally from the HE range with sculpted sleeves.

I would love to get to painting these quite soon but unfortunately I have other projects to work on and few hours that I can dedicate to it, so it might take some time before these guys see some Corax White.

As always, let me know your thoughts.