Monday, 6 May 2019

Wild men and Untamed Beasts

I had great plans for this bank holiday weekend.

The time had come to ride my bike again, bask in sunshine and hang out with friends. Of course none of this happened since I caught an awful cold and I spent most of the time sneezing in bed alongside a pile of used tissues.

It's not all that bad though as I at least had time to go back to some sculpting and painting.
Yesterday I saw the preview of the new chaos warband for Warcry: the Untamed Beasts and the idea of chaotic savages of the wilderness of Ghur awoke the inspiration to keep going with my Sons of Or.

The new Untamed Beasts fro Warcry are chaotic tribes of the Ghurian Wilderness. Image courtesy of Games Workshop Ltd.

So long story short, here you have another warrior of the Appalachian Tribes

It is again a pretty simple conversion from the golden kit of the Kairic Acolytes with a collection of bits from savage looking bits from a variety of kits (bonesplitters, beastmen Ungor and chaos blood reavers) with some green stuff to enhance the savage and wild aesthetic of the tribes.

Though I am a very slow painter the Sons of Or are a project I am very fond of, dating back to the very first days of AoS, and I still try to find the time to keep working on them and make them a playable warband. Sooner or later I will find the courage to go back to my Wanderer King and do him justice.

Here is the warband as it stands now:

Saturday, 20 April 2019

A few hours later

I managed to find some time to paint! Here is the result (still WIP)

As you can see I decided to keep it really simple, which was the plan from the beginning. These are not  garish nomads or bizarre warlocks but no-nonsense fighters of the highlands. Their colour scheme should convey practicality and robustness, so I went for a very simple palette of cream, browns and dirty blue. For the metal I went for a very slight oxide tinge, obtained with multiple washes of Rhinox Hide and Mourning Brown.

It was very nice, easy and refreshing to paint a model in such a way, using many techniques developed in the past, especially on my old Bretonnian army.
The only part that doesn't photograph too well is the shield, where I used a very light drybrush that the light of my desk lamp make look a bit messy. I think in real life it looks better (and slightly yellower) than in the pictures.
Only heraldry and base to go now!

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

The Oaranium Ibex

An update!

It's been another long while without updates, but I am back now (at least for a while) to show you what I have worked on recently. Very early stages at the moment but here goes the green of the first model of my new gang of the Realms.

He is the first member of a new warband project I am currently working on called the Oaranium Ibex.

I have been wanting to create a warband hailing from Chamon, the Realm of Metal, for a while now. In the past I have been trying to convert something similar but all my attempts failed because of a lack of planning ahead of the conversion. This time I gave a lot more thought to what I was trying to achieve and what bits I would have used and this model, which is the first concept for the warband, is the result of these considerations.

The idea is to explore the aesthetic of the Realm of Chamon, a land imbued with the raw essence of the Wind of Metal and pulsating with alchemical powers. It seems that when people think of Chamon, they think of a steam powered fantasy setting, where the boundaries between magic and technology are blurred and where everyone owns at least a rifle and a pair of goggles.
Nothing wrong with Steampunk aesthetics to me, but I wanted to create something with a different feel that responded to the question "how do humans of the Realm of Metal look" without recurring to over-the-top clockwork technology. 

This warrior belongs to the Oaranium Ibex, a regiment of armed guards specialised in escorting mining expeditions into the dangers of the Cold-iron Anvil.  This vast mountain chain to the north of Chamon is rich in the mineral called Oaranium, a combustible realmstone capable of powering entire civilisations across the Realms. The Anvil is a very hard place though, full of Ironjaws tribes and the mutated remains of the fools who roamed too close to the realm edge. The Oaranium Guild pays well to ensure the protection of the brave pioneers who are willing to venture into those misty heights and the Ibex are one of the  regiments of mercenaries that specialised in mobile warfare and protection of the mineral caravans.

Symbol of the Oaranium Ibex

So that is the general idea: a sort of Klondike pioneers guild of the Mortal Realms. In addition to the soldiers, I am planning to convert a couple of miners, an itinerant blacksmith, a Duardin mountain guide and possibly a wizard/alchemist and an warrior/engineer of the Oaranium Guild to lead them.

Painted updates of the test model to follow, hopefully soon.


Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Happy New Year!

Or as we say here, BUON ANNO! to all my friends and followers!

It has been an amazing 2018 for me hobby wise, with lots of exciting projects and experiments, collaborations and satisfactions.
My invitation from Les Kouzes for the Advent Calendar was of course the highlight, having proven an incredibly enjoyable experience which allowed me to create something with a greater sense of pourpose and work alongside some of my favourite hobbyists around the web.

So lots of nice memories but I decided that instead of posting a retrospective on the past year I should have inaugurated this new season with a preview of what will be coming next year!

Greet the Moonshine Wagon, my latest and final addition to the Caravan of the Hundred Moons!

Of course the still very much a work in progress, but the idea is there'd I am really happy with the general feel of the piece, one of the biggest and more ambitious (and expansive) conversions I ever worked on.
The Wagon is a mix of GW kits, mainly the Empire Hurricanum and the new Nighthaunt Black Coach, one of the best models I've ever seen! When it first came out I started playing with ideas on how to convert it into something that could fit one of my projects and I ended up finding it a suitable use as a big centrepiece for my Caravan of the Hundred Moons. 
I have great plans for this miniature but I already know it will take me an eternity to complete it, so you might see other projects creeping in while I will struggle with the tides of motivation and inspiration to finally complete it. My biggest difficulty at the moment is how in hell to convert the horses. As the Caravan itself is a multidimensional wandering tribe, travelling from Realm to Realm every night, I wanted the wagon to feel imbued with arcane magic. The fact that the Black Coach is flying suited my idea for the model very well, so I would like to retain this aspect, but the horses of the original model are quite challenging to convert, as I do not want them to be skeletal remains but strong stallions infused with a fraction of the power of the Katophranes. I tried with many different options but every single GW horse is simply too small to fit this behemoth of a model. At the moment I am struggling with the green stuffing of the original four horses of the BC, but it's a real difficult feat! I hope I will be able to succeed in the end, I will keep you updated!

IN the meantime I wish all of you a Happy New Year full of hobby, new challenges and projects that will push you out of your comfort zone and to always greater achievements, hobby and life wise.