Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Knights from a distant past


I was back home in turin this weekend and had some time to take some pictures of my old bretonnians, the last army I completed for WH. These were done in 2013 while living in South America and were my proud and joy for many years afterward until the days of AoS... they never saw the battlefield though, something I am quite sad about.

These are just some of them and although I never got to complete a playable army for 8 ed, they were the closest thing to an army I completed since my teenage days.
To overcome the boredom of painting so many models I came up with an idea that I have to say was quite successful: I divided my army into what I called “Ordonnances” , inspired by medieval military history. Each knight is accompanied by 2 men at arms, 2 archers and a mounted squire, which were all painted together... so instead of having to work my way through 20 men at arms in one go my army greaw esponentialky while allowing me to paint at a more enjoyable pace.
This is an example of two ordonnances:


  1. Fuckin' hell, man. Those are gorgeous! The heraldry, the horses' skin, how long that must have taken! The ordonnances idea is inspired. It creates a very strong sense of theme and character. I'm playing a Pendragon RPG campaign at the mo and our knights do get rather attached to their squires!

    It's a crying shame you never got to game with them. I'm sure you could cobble together some proxy rules for them. I'm thinking between the Order Draconis and Wanderers rules you could fit them in.

    1. This is a very beautiful army. And I especially like the fact that it consists of many "warbands" which fit together to the units.
      @Ross: You don't have to cobbe something together, on the Games Workshop website there are stil the rules for Bretonnians to download. And if you can find a Generals Handbook from 2016 you could even use their pitched battle profiles.

    2. Ah, I didn't realise that. I had a quick look before I commented but I must have missed them. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Very well done models. I certainly like your approach. If only I could do something similar with my project, but first I need to figure out what they will count as!

    Always a pleasure to see your stuff, it’s got a nice grounded realism to it.

  3. Lovely knights. May I ask how you got that blue/green?

  4. Especially those Knights are outstanding! All the freehands, the conversions and the painting is top notch!

  5. Just a message to tell you how nice it is to come on your blog every now and then. Please keep posting, it's a real pleasure for us