Monday, 9 November 2015


"But now such spectredom so throngs the air
That none knows how to dodge it, none knows where.
Though one day greet us with a rational gleam,
The night entangles us in webs of dream.
We come back happy from the fields of spring-
And a bird croaks. Croaks what? Some evil thing.
Enmeshed in superstition night and morn,
It forms and shows itself and comes to warn.
And we, so scared, stand without friend or kin,
And the door creaks-and nobody comes in."

J.W.Goethe, Faust

Welcome to PINXIT, my first blog
of madness and miniature painting addiction!

For who amongst you does not know me, my name is Matteo Gallo, I am an italian hobbist (hobbyst? hobbit?) with some 15 years of experience with miniature painting, sculpting and converting. I am also fully addicted to greenstuff and plastic glue sniffing (don't try that at home though, go find some cinnamon instead) and I have been working on so many failed modelling projects along the years that I don't know how my enthusiasm keeps being so high.
Basically mine is a story of frustrated goals, unfulfilled oaths and half finished armies, I am sure many of you will relate to that, but the future looks bright, there are piles of new minis in my shelf and tons of projects in my heads! In an ideal world this blog will follow my progresses while I work my way through all of them, from beginning to completion, and you will be all invited to share my glorious attempt to reach modelling perfection.
The reality is that you will find me struggling to keep motivated and you will rage against me when I will unexpectedly abandon my creations halfway through after months of work for no reason at all! Maybe in one of my next posts I will try to make a list of all my present and future ideas for armies, new sculpts and conversions, just to give you an idea of how hopeless my situation is, but enthusiasm has never been so high and I am starting this ride with the very best of intentions, that much I assure you!
So, what makes my blog different from many others around the web?
Nothing... nothing at all. My vision is to try to pour all the character and atmosphere of artworks and well written pieces of narrative into my work and I share this goal with many talented people around the world.
Just that this is MY take on it, my point of view influenced by the same masters we all know and respect: John Blanche, Ian Miller, Karl Kopinski, Adrian Smith, the Perry Brothers, Brian Nelson and many many others who made this hobby great with passion and intelligence.
I just want to add my voice to the choir.

So stay with me, follow me if you want and, please, help me to achieve at least some of the goals I will vow to reach. As Edward Norton tells his followers in Fight Club, don't let me convince you of what I will say tomorrow, because I know exactly what it will be! Just don't try to chop my balls off, I still kind of need them...

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  1. Hagen,I've been following your projects for a while and it is truly inspiring stuff so I think this idea is a fantastic one. This hobby can be so much more than choosing to play a game with painted figures as opposed to grey plastic ones. It is a great medium on its own, but when you add in writing and traditional artwork with them, with the skill that you do, it elevates the hobby for all of us! Keep on doing what you do because it's amazing. - Matt B