Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Sons of Or

Good evening,

Tonight another update for my ongoing project...

The Blackfeathers
The Twelve Whelps
The Yellow Crows
The Grey Masks
The Highfires

Since time immemorial the Five Tribes have lived and hunted in the vast Plains, each of them the proud descendant of one of the five nations of the Uplands, where none ventures anymore and the spirit of the Ancestors roam restless. Deep and rooted are the differences between them, but they all worship the Great Father Or the Uniter and although they often battle each other for food or shelter once per year they gather to honour  their most ancient and respected tradition, the Great Hunt, said to be introduced by Or himself during the Forgotten Days.


  1. What a brute! I love the menace and raw power in that pose.

    1. Thanks Matt! The credit for the pose is not mine really, I just used one of the excellent new bloodreavers from gw, got rid of every iron/metal detail and resculpted some parts to make him look more primitive... The concept is the one of a neolithic barbarian from the plains of Ghur, so he has to be menacing and somehow scary, though not in the same way a bloodreaver is (blood and skulls everywhere) but more like something like a beefed up native american hunter or a maori warrior would be, with tribal tatoos, missing teeth and hunting trophies. This one for instance managed to capture and kill a dangerous Krakaro and wears its skull and feathers on his head!

  2. I have to say I didn't realise it was based on a bloodreaver, you've done really well to remove all the bits that scream 'Chaos' but keep the tribal/barbarian aspect. The skull is a great addition. Models with a narrative behind them are always that much more interesting. I'm excited to see how this project progresses!