Thursday, 12 November 2015

The lands of the Sons of Or

Sometimes nothing feels better than drawing a nice old style map. It should probably remind me of my good old days of rolepraying innocence, but I realised that, after playing wfrp for a lifetime (more than 15 years) I never drew a map of a world of my conception before!
It was a horrific revelations which hit me hard a couple of months ago, when I was talking to an old friend of mine in Turin. It didn't feel right, maps are a very important part of the hobby in my opinion, so I put myself to work following the example of good man Tolkien and decided to just use a couple of black ink pens and a red biro... It was easier and more enjoyable than I thought, so here I present you with The Lands of the Sons of Or:

These are the hunting territories of the confederate tribes of the Sons of Or.
In the distant past, at the dawn of the Days of the Snake, five great heroes, known in legends as the Alderans, the Great Ancestros, led the people of the Uplands into a great migration toward the western plains to escape the devastation brought by the cursed Children of the Snake upon their ancient kingdoms.
During the past centuries, the Five Tribes managed to expel their enemies outside the limits of the Appalathian Plains to the lands of the west, beyond the great Bonewall and secure these vast territories from the Greyskins from the northern badlands.
Far from being free from dangers, the Plains are now an immense hunting ground for the descendants of the Ancestors, where they wage constant war against their enemies trying to preserve their right to prey on the great beasts that roam the land.

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