Monday, 9 November 2015

The Wanderer King

Good Morning!

Today I wanted to show you a very early wip of something I've been working on in secret for a while... I won't unveil too much of the aims of the project until I can show you something more fleshed up so you will get the whole picture and will finally understand the abyss  of my madness.

Now get ready to know the sorrow-born fury of the Wanderer King!

Orar the Exiled, the Wanderer King, the First Shepherd, He who hunts in the Storm

"There once was a great king in the eastern lands, above the uplands were none ventures anymore and the spirits of the Ancestors roam restless. He was said to be a great hunter and a wise chieftain and that was during the Forgotten Days, before the coming of the Snake. 
So wise and brave the king was that mighty Or, the Great Father invited him in his halls, granted him great gifts and chose him to lead His hosts during the Day of Fulfilment, when the Ancient Promise will be finally kept and the faithfuls will be saved and will enter the Realm of Or-Athor.
The king was filled with the Father's divine essence and abandoned the path which leads to darkness to walk the one toward eternity in the company of the greatest Ancestors, awaiting the day of his foretold return when the vengeance of mighty Or would finally be unleashed upon the Childrens of the Snake.
But long years passed and the Snake was still ascendant and the king was looking at his proud descendants suffering between its coils. Many times he prayed the Father to let him help them, to feel compassion, to give them hope that he was indeed coming back for them... But the time was not right and mighty Or could not listen to the king's praise and dismissed him with tears in His eyes.
The king loved his father but like all men he loved his children more and couldn't bring himself to abandon them. Eventually he turned his back on mighty Or's commandment and decided to return to his ancient lands to reassure his troubled kins that the Fulfilment was close at hand and that they had not been left behind.
Like a burning star he descended from the heavens among his lost children, bringing them hope and the long forgotten gift of fire, to cast back the shadows they slipped in during his absence. He taught our ancestors how to wage war and fend for themselves and he led them toward the Broken Lands to the Great Plains which were free from taint and where they could hunt and survive.
But the Great Father eventually found out of his disobedience and great was His rage! In His fury he cursed the king's name and commanded the gate to His celestial realm to be shut once again, banishing the king from Or-Athor and condemning him to walk again on the path to darkness and death in company of the people he disobeyed Him for.
Since then, the Wanderer King travels through the vast plains and the deep valleys, through highlands and deep oceans, restless like the lone spirits who walk with him. As a warrior god he fights against the enemies of his own heirs, trying to preserve us until the Fulfilment, hoping that this day the Father might forgive him and call him back among the ranks of his celestial warriors before the final battle against the Children of the Snake."

Orar the Wanderer King is still very much a wip but hopefully it will be the start of a very interesting project I've been toying with since AoS came out... In later posts I will clarify my objectives and my view of AoS, which is really controversial, but by now I will leave you with this little tease of what is down the pipe... He is definitely not alone.


  1. He's already looking Phenomenal Hagen! I lobe the sculpting work on his cloak, that's some of the best fur I've seen on a model. Is that the stag skull from the Empire Griffon front plate? It works really well!

    1. Thanks Matt! The fur on the cape was a real tour de force but you should wait to see what I am doing on his mount!
      Well spotted about the skull, it is indeed the one from the griffon kit! It fit pretty nicely but it required some greenstuffing around the edges to smooth the joints.