Saturday 7 December 2019

Sisters of Sigmar!

Greeting faithfuls!

I have been working on my new warband for Mordheim, the mighty and oft forgotten Sisters of Sigmar! Quite possibly inspired by the new Adepta Sororitas miniatures (which will find their way to my warband as soon as the multipart plastic kits are out in January hopefully) I decided to finally start this long due passion project.

Apologies for the not so great pictures, as always.

This first model is one of my two Novices, I wanted to start from the lowest ranks of my warband to work my way up to the heroes and of course I needed to test a good colour scheme. 
The conversions are based on the new Cypher Lords for Warcry, an incredible range full of potential!
I immediately fell in love with the poses and especially with the sandals, which I always thought appropriate for the warrior sisters of Mordheim.
The sculpted details are kept simple and plain, I wanted a spiked hood and a chastity belt worn over the robes. I am still considering if the rest of the sisters should have heavier robes but for the Novices I am ok to go for a less formal look as they did not deserve to wear the garments of their order yet.

I opted for a simple palette of light browns and blacks, which reminds of a medieval religious order.

In this picture you can see my next Novice, now ready to be painted and to join her sister.
My intention with these was to stay as faithful as possible at the original art from 1999 Mordheim rulebook and supplements, updating those great concepts to the 2020 miniature standards.

The base is round as I prefer them to square (though my friends are currently protesting against this decision) and I stayed faithful to my tested green stuff cobblestone approach to which I added just a touch of colour and interest with small pieces of paper cut and painted to resemble pages of a prayers book.

Hopefully after the next Novice I will move on to a hero and perhaps a bit of scenery, maybe a chapel or a reliquary? We'll see.