Monday 20 April 2020

Hobby from confinement

Hi everybody!

It has been a few months since my last update and of course the world has become a different place since then. I sincerely hope that everyone reading is doing well and safe.
In these weird times I am particularly happy to have an indoor hobby to keep me busy and allow me to pour some creativity into something.
I know I have been silent for some time but I did take advantage of the confinement to progress with my projects, in particular Mordheim and can now post some of the results:

First, my Sigmarite Sisters warbadn is close to the finish line, only a couple of models left to convert and paint to be able to field them. Here is a group shot of where I am with them at the moment:

Bad picture but it's the best I can do in the current situation. You will notice some additions to the warband, in particular the leader, Mother Romhilda Von Steinhardt.

Converted starting from the Sister Dialogus and the special edition Canoness and a number of other kits for small bits like the hammers (Stormcast Vanguard) and the right leg and feet from th Cypher Lords.

Then we have the Augur, Sister Adelheide Von Sehlig.

Converted from a number of kits, Sister Repentia, Warcry Cypher Lords and the dove from the battle sisters squad.

The second Sister Superior, Sister Algrund

Converted from the female Kairic Acolyte from Wh Underworld with the head form a Stormcast hero white name I cannot remember.

After working exclusively on my Sisters for a few months I felt the need to change slightly and I decided to convert a heretical adversary for my warband: a chaos cultist for my next warband project.

Converted from Blackstone Fortress Pious Vorne, sculpted hood and a arms from the 40k battle sisters. The sword is from the war cry Splintered Fangs.

That's it for now. I am planning to join Instagram one of these days to share my work in a quicker way and possibly reach a wider audience. We'll see.

Stay safe and keep lobbying!