Tuesday 20 November 2018

New Moon Rising

The Oracle never lies
Fate is not written in the heavens
But in the dust left behind on your trail
Go on seeker
Ask any question you wish 
What does your heart crave the most?
Whose shadow keeps you awake at night?

The Oracle never lies

Good evening my brave loyal followers! (if indeed any of you is still around)
I know I have disappeared for many long months but the time have finally come to share with you some happy new!
Last summer I have been contacted by the legendary Morbäck (aka Maxime Pastourel, the man behind some of the best citadel miniatures ever sculpted and co-author of the illustrious blog Les Kouzes) who kindly invited me to participate to this year Advent Calendar!

Some of you might know him and the event already but for those of you who don't I wholeheartedly invite you to check out the wonderful work done by the team of Les Kouzes and their guests over the past couple of years.


This year the theme will be Age of Sigmar and I will be contributing with a totally fresh and new  warband which will be shared alongside the truly stunning works of Daouide, Morbäck, Larg and Cagn during the whole month of December, one each day, until Christmas.

I cannot tell you more at this stage but it will be truly epic and I want to thank Max and the rest of the crew of Les Kouzes to give me this fantastic opportunity to work side by side with some of the most talented hobbyists around and explore together the quirky nature of the Mortal Realms from new, unexpected angles.

Keep an eye on this space for future updates and by all means make sure to check Les Kouzes blog from the 1st December!

See you all there very soon!


  1. Fantastic! I was already looking forward to the Kouzes Calender, and now even more so.

  2. Wow, this is fantastic news! You will be an awesome addition, making the Advent even more exciting!

  3. Excellent--looking forward to seeing what you contribute :)

  4. Fantastic news ;) Can't wait to see that !