Wednesday 2 January 2019

Happy New Year!

Or as we say here, BUON ANNO! to all my friends and followers!

It has been an amazing 2018 for me hobby wise, with lots of exciting projects and experiments, collaborations and satisfactions.
My invitation from Les Kouzes for the Advent Calendar was of course the highlight, having proven an incredibly enjoyable experience which allowed me to create something with a greater sense of pourpose and work alongside some of my favourite hobbyists around the web.

So lots of nice memories but I decided that instead of posting a retrospective on the past year I should have inaugurated this new season with a preview of what will be coming next year!

Greet the Moonshine Wagon, my latest and final addition to the Caravan of the Hundred Moons!

Of course the still very much a work in progress, but the idea is there'd I am really happy with the general feel of the piece, one of the biggest and more ambitious (and expansive) conversions I ever worked on.
The Wagon is a mix of GW kits, mainly the Empire Hurricanum and the new Nighthaunt Black Coach, one of the best models I've ever seen! When it first came out I started playing with ideas on how to convert it into something that could fit one of my projects and I ended up finding it a suitable use as a big centrepiece for my Caravan of the Hundred Moons. 
I have great plans for this miniature but I already know it will take me an eternity to complete it, so you might see other projects creeping in while I will struggle with the tides of motivation and inspiration to finally complete it. My biggest difficulty at the moment is how in hell to convert the horses. As the Caravan itself is a multidimensional wandering tribe, travelling from Realm to Realm every night, I wanted the wagon to feel imbued with arcane magic. The fact that the Black Coach is flying suited my idea for the model very well, so I would like to retain this aspect, but the horses of the original model are quite challenging to convert, as I do not want them to be skeletal remains but strong stallions infused with a fraction of the power of the Katophranes. I tried with many different options but every single GW horse is simply too small to fit this behemoth of a model. At the moment I am struggling with the green stuffing of the original four horses of the BC, but it's a real difficult feat! I hope I will be able to succeed in the end, I will keep you updated!

IN the meantime I wish all of you a Happy New Year full of hobby, new challenges and projects that will push you out of your comfort zone and to always greater achievements, hobby and life wise.



  1. Happe new year to you too! An amazing idea there a chocobo draw in the backgorund? What do you try to hide? XD

  2. Very nice...looking forward to seeing how you finish this one off!

  3. Amazing wagon! The newish chaos chosen knights have some enormous horses. But does it have to be horses? Maybe some other animals could work?

  4. Happy new year my friend ! What an incredible warband, I can't wait to see more of this wagon !! You're one of the greatests for sure...

  5. Hey man, I just had to stop by and say what an inspiring blog this is! You've got amazing skills man! Really cool stuff, keep it up! I'm following your blog from now on :)!