Tuesday 8 December 2015

Hornblower finished and issues with greenstuff

Morning everyone

The horn blower is finished. It was a fun ride but it revealed tougher than I thought due to a problem I'm developing with greenstuff which is really starting to worry me a bit... Apparently every time I use it my throat swells as if I had an allergy to it and since I normally do it in the evening after work it disturbs my sleep quite a lot.
I am concerned because, as you will probably imagine, sculpting with GS is such an important part of the hobby for me!
If any of you ever experienced something like that could you please step forward and give me some advice? Is GS as toxic as somebody says (though others strongly deny it) or am I really developing an allergy to it?


  1. Looks great! I would hollow out the ends of the horns.

    Never had any issues with GreenStuff myself. Are you following the directions? I knew a guy who found that the best way to mix the blue and yellow was to chew it - tell me you are not chewing it! It is (supposedly) toxic.

  2. LOL! That sound like the stupidest thing ever!
    I will buy some gloves and a mask to protect me from the vapours and I'll cross my fingers it works!
    You are right about hollowing the horn, I don't know how I could miss that!

  3. Another great model, well done

    I have never had problems with the greenstuff, is true than I don´t use so much time as you, but when I do, I can be even a whole week working with it. In fact my girlfriend hold the greenstuff in the mouth to keep it wet while she does her conversions

  4. Thanks Gonfrask!
    If you love her tell her not to though!!! Epoxy resins an be really toxic and dangerous if not handled carefully, and surely chewing at it is definitely not something I'd consider safe!
    Just quickly google "epoxy resins" and you will find out what I'm telling about. I was aware that it might be irritating to the eyes and skin, though it never happened to me, but I did not know it was also dangerous if inhaled.
    Seriously man, I'm no doctor and I am not hypochondriac but I would tell her not to do it again if I were you, that stuff looks green but it ain't natural!

  5. Maybe try an alternative to GS? Procreate looks good for organics and brownstuff is great for hard edges (although you might be allergic to that too perhaps).

    The model looks excellent, although the feathers may be a bit too cartoony, they are really stylised I think. I wonder if there is a better alternative - maybe sculpting your own (they don't really need detail sculpted on, just painted on) or even using real feathers like Meade did on my site

    1. Cheers Bruticus, it's great to see you here!
      About the feathers, you are definitely right, gw bits are often very cartoonish! I will do my best to make them look a bit less goofy with a decent paintjob.
      I am actually starting on it right now, I hope I'll have something to show you before the end of the week end.

  6. In fact my girlfriend hold the greenstuff in the mouth to keep it wet while she does her conversions

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