Sunday 6 December 2015

The Hornblower

Small update, I'm working on another hunter for my Blackfeathers hunting party, this time a very fitting horn blower! It's not yet finished but I'm almost there...


  1. Any chance you could give us a parts breakdown? I don't recognise any of the plastic components.

  2. Welcome Christopher!
    Of course I can, they are all GW components.
    I used the new Age of Sigmar Bloodreaver kit for the legs and torsos. It's a really excellent kit, the scale of these brutes is really impressive and you get 20 of them in the box which is unusual these days...
    The majority of the weapons come form the Savage Orcs plastic kit. Now these are BIG and required a lot of cutting, filing and resculpting but they are the only really primitive bits I could find for my ghurians.
    Finally some small bits like the feathers, skulls and bones come from a variety of kits form the lizardmen (carnosaur), the Empire state troops and again the savage orcs.
    The Wandering King is of course the Lord Celestant on Dracoth from AoS covered in greenstuff and with some bits from the Ogre Stonehorn kit.
    I have A LOT of bits from almost every kit they produce and a compulsory shopping addiction which ensure that I'm never short on bits from the fantasy range.

    1. Thanks for that! I'm working on some Lustrian jungle-natives and have been looking for feather and bone bits. I keep overlooking the Savage Orcs though....

    2. The savage orcs does not have feathers though! The only kits I can recommend are the lizardmen terradons and the carnosaur... Alternatively you can find some in the Aracnarok spider's forest goblins, though I found them weirdly difficult to track on ebay. All the others gw kits (especially empire ones) actually contain plumes instead of feathers.

    3. Thanks again! Keep up the good work! I have bookmarked this site and will be visiting on a regular basis (your subscribe button seems to be broken).

  3. Oh, thanks for letting me know! I will try to contact blogspot about it.
    And thanks for your interest of course.