Sunday 20 November 2016

Riders of the last Sunset

Let our enemies fear our approach
let them cower at the sound of our warcries
We will descend upon them with our god's wrath
We will spill their blood and crush their bones
We will turn this plain into an altar of the War God
and they will witness the might of the Asur one more time
before darkness falls and the sun sets on the ruins of our world

Hi guys!

It took me forever to put together this chariot, and I suspect it will take me even longer to paint it, but I am quite happy with the conversion as it conveys the ancient Iliad vibe I am trying to push with this project.
The idea is of course the one of a powerful elven champion riding on the plains of Ulthuan in the last battles of the Rhana Dandra. 
Khaine did not yet consumed his soul but he is urging his faithful auriga (charioteer) to plunge deep into the enemy lines looking for a chance to cast his spear against one of their heroes. That's all I thought at the moment, I will come out with a name and a proper background for him while I paint the model.
I have always been fascinated by chariots and their use as a weapon by the elves, something that always reminded me of an ancient and powerful bronze age-like culture which clings to their forefathers traditions and fight their enemies with skill and bravery rather than tricks or subterfuge.
Though I like them I never got to work on one as I always thought that, though the Tiranoc chariot kit has some great potential, the model itself has not aged well. Reins are too chunky, the crew is a bit too static and many bits look a bit clumsy compared to more modern kits. So I set up to convert my first (and probably only) chariot in a way that satisfied me, which involved a lot of repositioning, kitbashing and some green stuff work.
The reins are not attached to the horses for granting more freedom while painting and there are still a couple of details that I would like to touch up before basecoating but generally speaking the model is ready for painting.

Hopefully I will be able to post an update later this week.

As always thanks for looking!



  1. Hey mate, longtime lurker here. I love your work! The Cathaginian look to your High Elves shows real vision.

    This chariot looks fantastic. I agree on the kit's design/age issues. The version with the white lions fares a lot better though, in that the crew are more exciting/energetic and the thick reigns are justified connected to those larger, fiercer beasts. Are the elven steeds from your chariot from a Glade Riders kit? They look suitably large and elegant.

  2. Thanks for the kind words phiq.

    You are right on the white lion version of the kit, though I decided to go with the horse version since it's more in line with the spirit of the warband. Lions pulling a chariot would be too "high fantasy" for my taste if that makes sense ;)
    The steeds come indeed from the glade riders kit. The original ones from the chariot look fine actually, but I was planning to use them for converting some cavalry one day.

  3. Again, there are no better words than "good job". I really like how you have redone the horse neck, and the posture with the other horse make them look like are about to rampage out of control.

    And of course, this model needs a big cape, a really big cape :P

  4. Beautiful work as always. Especially the dynamic horse re-sculpt! Fantastic!

  5. Cheers Christopher! the horses I used are the WE glade riders ones, I just sculpted some harnesses and small details.

  6. Again, there are no better words than "good job". I really like how you have redone the horse neck, and the posture with the other horse make them look like are about to rampage out of control.

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