Saturday 5 November 2016

The Aeskhaine

Blood Run...
Anger Rises...
Death Wakes...
War Calls

Hi guys, I wanted to share my latest conversion for an Aeskhaine, the crazy and sad elves who fell under the Shadow of Khaine and were uncapable of pull themselves out... They followed Tyrion in his last battles for Ulthuan in ever growing number and were the bulk of his army during the final battle for the Isle of the Deads.
The idea of the Aeskhaine always seemed great to me, as it filled the absence of male followers of Khaine (the assassin do not count as they worship Khaine in his aspect of Night Hunter rather than war god, as do the rest of my Aestyron).
The model was inspired by some bits form the wold riders I ordered last week, which really pushed me to try a fairly ambitious conversion involving bits form white lions, doomfire warlocks, wild riders and tenebrael shard... It helsped to have a quite firm idea of what I was after in terms of result, but still I was surprised by how easily and nicely all the bits went together and I really believe my pitiful photographic skills do not make the model justice... Hopefully i will be able to snap some better pics of the painted mini once I get to finish it.
A always, thanks for watching, I hope to post more updates on this project soon!



  1. Another great model, I really like the idea and the look, that face gives and the heart are both good focal details. If I have to find a but, would be the back musculature, is it finished?

    1. Thanks man! I can perfectly see what you mean about the back musculature, but I can assure you it's the picture that makes it look so wrong... Hold your judgement until you see the final painted model and hopefully you will see it's not that bad :)
      The thing is the Wild Riders minis break GW tradition of sculpting unbelievably ripped muscles to their models and their anatomy is actually quite smooth and believable, one of the reasons why I like them so much... So when it came to sculpt his back after removing the cloak, I had to be quite careful in the way I defined the muscles, as I tried to keep it more subtle than usual... Unfortunately pictures refuse to show it and my photographic skills seem to become worst and worst every day!

  2. Very nice kit bashing - I have a feeling the torso is from the new Age of Sigmar dryad kit? Overall, really inspiring ideas here and definitely part of my inspiration folder :)

    1. Many thanks Sebastian, again, really appreciated!
      Torso comes from the wood elved wild riders kit, one of the best kits GW realised for their old range (though admittedly it's quite new, dating around 3/4 years ago)

  3. Awesome work. Maybe this guy and my Slaaneshi priest should go out and cut out some hearts together... Really impressive how you removed the cloak, that means you had to sculpt a big part of his upper back and shoulders