Saturday 20 April 2019

A few hours later

I managed to find some time to paint! Here is the result (still WIP)

As you can see I decided to keep it really simple, which was the plan from the beginning. These are not  garish nomads or bizarre warlocks but no-nonsense fighters of the highlands. Their colour scheme should convey practicality and robustness, so I went for a very simple palette of cream, browns and dirty blue. For the metal I went for a very slight oxide tinge, obtained with multiple washes of Rhinox Hide and Mourning Brown.

It was very nice, easy and refreshing to paint a model in such a way, using many techniques developed in the past, especially on my old Bretonnian army.
The only part that doesn't photograph too well is the shield, where I used a very light drybrush that the light of my desk lamp make look a bit messy. I think in real life it looks better (and slightly yellower) than in the pictures.
Only heraldry and base to go now!


  1. Could you please stop using the G word, in case you didn't know, it's a racial slur, and seeing it on a blog I otherwise really love makes me pretty uncomfortable. Thanks

  2. I am deeply sorry, I am not a native english speaker and these are classic translation mistakes that should be corrected immediately to avoid misunderstanding.
    Thank you for warning me, I will change it immediately.

  3. Maybe too many scratches on the mace handle, otherwise, nice job!

  4. Anyways, glad to see you’re back with some Brets!

    As always, looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!

  5. As allways your work is too good. This miniature have so much personnality and it is really typed for realms ! It's a new success, I hope you will make an entire band !!


  6. How did you get such a lovely cream?