Monday 6 May 2019

Wild men and Untamed Beasts

I had great plans for this bank holiday weekend.

The time had come to ride my bike again, bask in sunshine and hang out with friends. Of course none of this happened since I caught an awful cold and I spent most of the time sneezing in bed alongside a pile of used tissues.

It's not all that bad though as I at least had time to go back to some sculpting and painting.
Yesterday I saw the preview of the new chaos warband for Warcry: the Untamed Beasts and the idea of chaotic savages of the wilderness of Ghur awoke the inspiration to keep going with my Sons of Or.

The new Untamed Beasts fro Warcry are chaotic tribes of the Ghurian Wilderness. Image courtesy of Games Workshop Ltd.

So long story short, here you have another warrior of the Appalachian Tribes

It is again a pretty simple conversion from the golden kit of the Kairic Acolytes with a collection of bits from savage looking bits from a variety of kits (bonesplitters, beastmen Ungor and chaos blood reavers) with some green stuff to enhance the savage and wild aesthetic of the tribes.

Though I am a very slow painter the Sons of Or are a project I am very fond of, dating back to the very first days of AoS, and I still try to find the time to keep working on them and make them a playable warband. Sooner or later I will find the courage to go back to my Wanderer King and do him justice.

Here is the warband as it stands now:


  1. Man, i love your stuff !

    It's really inspired and it's such a fantastic representation of wild barbarians !
    Glad you're feeling better, can't wait for you to get back to the wanderer king

    1. Thanks man! I will be going back to it at some point, I swear!

  2. Hey mate,

    I am glad to read you like the Untamed Beast warband, as I was involved in their design (although the final sculpt was done by the amazing Gaku Matsubayashi).
    Great to see you found them inspiring, I am a big fan of your Sons of Or as you know, and I would love to see more of these guys.

    The cool thing is Warcry is going to be the perfect game for you to play this warband. Let's arrange a game when it is out!



    1. That is wonderful news Max! I am really looking forward to this game, narrative skirmishes are really my cup of tea.

  3. Your tribesmen look absolutely stunning!

  4. Hello my friend ! I can't wait to see what you will do with this fantastic warband for warcry ! For now, this is as allways : a great miniature ! Your creativity is really incredible...

  5. Love your work, specially this warband. Do you have any Instagram or twitter account where we can follow your advances more easily?

  6. If they were not a kitbash you could easily sell these designs!!!

  7. Wonderful work again. Those leather textures are most outstanding. I love your eye for detail and all the fine extra work. Do you paint the leather textures with dabbing techniques?