Wednesday 12 June 2019

Return to the City of the Damned

Hi all!

I came back to Turin, my hometown in Italy, in may to visit family and friend. While I was there someone proposed to get back to Mordheim, our favourite GW game, which we played a lot when we were teenagers. What started almost as a joke quickly escalated into wild enthusiasm at the idea and it was proposed that we played a campaign next time we will see each other this summer on a newly constructed board with our old war bands (and some new ones).

We are six players, currently playing Reikland (myself), possessed (Luca), Undeads (Marco) and Skaven (Matteo) with two potential extras who might join us in July if they manage to finish their war bands.

As the architect of the group the task of building the scenery fell onto me. A few years ago I started building a Mordheim board in my cellar in Turin and to my great surprise and relief everything was still there, neatly stored in boxes and safe from dust and dampness. The buildings were only sufficient to cover half of the board though, so as soon as I came back to London I decided to put on hold every other hobby project until I can finish the other half of the terrains. It will be a challenge to transport it back to italy and some maintenance will be necessary I am sure, but I vowed that by mid july we would have an amazing mordheim board to play on and, by Sigmar, I will deliver on my promise!

This is the first building I constructed last week in my office in London. It took me some time to get back to scenery building and painting after so long but eventually I was pretty ok with the result. This is a pretty big scenery representing some kind of clocktower, mostly built to give my reiklander shooters a high platform to shoot down all those cultists and zombies.

As they say, the devil is in the details, and the devil is always welcome in the streets of Mordheim! I put a lot of effort into adding graffitis and pamphlets, shields and barely to enhance the atmosphere of the piece.

The top of the tower I left unglued to make the shipping to Italy hopefully a bit easier... the model could do with a few more additional touches of realism, like a mechanism for the zodiacal clock but for speed at the moment I will leave it like this... We need more buildings and I cannot overdo with the details or else I will not be able to finish the board in time!

This is what I will focus on in the next couple of months. I will try to post pictures of the progress and the finished result in July!


  1. Wonderful job, once again, sir !
    It's dark and full of character, as needed for Mordheim.

  2. This is fantastic. Can't wait to see more of this project!

  3. Well done Matteo!
    Nice work on this building. The atmosphere is really dark and suit well to Mordheim.
    Keep going!!!

    Larg (from BDK)

  4. Well done I love the mix of wall types you have used. I hope you are well and have the time to come back to this project.