Saturday 25 May 2019

The Jaghar

As usual I periods of intense activity and long breaks, so it might not surprise you too much if I come up with another update, the third in just a week (must be a personal record)...
I found myself with a spare few hours before taking my flight back home so I decided to give my King a suitable companion: a dangerous Jaghar, the beasts known as the Princes of the Plains.

I know, I know, a Sabertooth is a bit of a cliché for Ghur, but since I first laid eye upon the Griph-hounds kit I have wanted to make something similar with them.
The name Jaghar is not as obvious as it could might at first sight. I imagine the Five Tribes to speak a very degenerated form of Reikspiel, the mythical language of the World-that-Was, which is basically medieval german... In my few years of german studies I picked up a few words that were very useful in my long career as a DM for WFRP and I thought it would be cool if all the names of places and animals of the plains were basically very primitive german words.
The word for Hunter in german is, as most of you probably know, Jäger, which I just twisted into Jaghar, the hunters of Ghur.
The conversion itself was pretty simple. I used the Griph-hound of the Lord Castellant as a base, just got rid of all the harnesses and proceed to resculpt the neck and muzzle. It took only a few hours but I 
am happy that my Wandere King is now accompanied by a suitable Prince!

And with that I shall park my sculpting tools for a while, now it's time to paint the King and his (un)friendly companion!


  1. Should have gone with 'Grune' as his/her name! ;)

  2. I'm amazed you can achieve that level in a "spare few hours". Was the whole thing sculpted in the same "mix" or did you let parts partially cure before building on top of that?

  3. I can't believe how amazing your Stuff is. I love it so much!

  4. The green stuff work is amazing as usual, but the idea that this was made in just a few hours...shocking!

  5. amazing stuff mate. The level of sculpting is just insane ... sooo smooth and detailed ! Great work

  6. I am in absolute awe of your sculpting skills. I have been converting my untamed beasts rocktusk to a classic sabre-tooth and even with all the parts already there it doesn't look half as smooth and natural as this Jaghar. Looking forwards to seeing it painted!