Friday 17 January 2020

Sister Agatha and some terrain building

Hi All!

I am hard at work on my Mordheim 2020 project, I finally managed to recruit a proper crew and we are going to play a campaign this summer!

This means that not only I have to prepare a warband in time for the event but also a second gaming board as the one I made last year is now too small to accomodate all of the participants.

Therefore I am dividing my free time between building terrains and slowly progressing on my next warband: the glorious Sisters of Sigmar.

Here goes my second warrior: Sister Agatha, my second and last (for now) Novice.

As for my previous Novice, the model is converted from the Warcry Cypher Lords kit, very versatile kit offering great opportunities to make dynamic female warriors finally not from some naked elf!

Not too much to say about the painting, I am enjoining painting a lot of skin areas and female faces are an interesting challenge as the transitions between light and shadow areas must be smoother than on their male counterparts. 

On the terrain side, I bought quite a few of the Warcry terrain kits to use as a base to convert my new Mordheim board, which is supposed to represent the Noble/Merchant quarter of the city, where the wealthy and cultured used to live before the catastrophe.

The first building I worked on is a portion of the Justice Palace, where the prisoners awaiting judgement were kept in cells and exposed to the public to scare potential wrongdoers into complying with the law.

This was modified almost exclusively from Warcry kits and was a pleasure to assemble and paint.

Once I familiarised myself with the kits I moved on to another smaller building project, a simple townhouse for a wealthy merchant, which this time was created mixing the Warcry scenery with quite a lot of plasticard bits:

This was actually way easier than I imagined to build  (although more time consuming than the previous one) and I will follow a similar method for the rest of my board from now on.

This terrain and warband project has just started, and it will take me quite some time to complete it, but I feel like I am heading in the right direction with it.

See you hopefully soon with another update!


  1. Wonderful stuff, both the buildings and the sister. It's great to see the Warcry terrain used to make recognisable buildings.

  2. Fantastic. The sister looks stunning and the terrain is very well done indeed. Great work.

  3. The house you made is wonderful, I come back to this post often for inspiration.
    Can I ask, what's the main white part of the wall made from??

  4. Stunning work on the house. Was there a reason you used plasticard for the wood over the standard method of wooden stirrers? I've been wanting to embark on making some scenery and thought about this method too. I'm assuming you get better detail out of it but it's a lot more time consuming to create. Keep up the good work. I'd love to see more photos of how you built this and other houses.

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