Friday 24 January 2020

Sister Superior

Hi guys!

I managed to find the time to convert another warrior for my Sisters of Sigmar warband.


This one is a Sister Superior, one of my heroins, therefore she got a bit more attention than my two Novices.
The conversion was pretty extensive, starting from mixing the new 40k Battle Sisters with the Warcry Cypher Lords. In particular the legs were a bit challenging, I wanted the lower legs and the feet to look the same throughout my warband, so they needed to come from the Cypher Lords. I cut the legs at the knee and fit them onto the top part of the Battle Sisters kit. Then I closed the gap with green stuff... Took a while.
The rest involved sculpting the chainmail, leather hood and converting the head with one from the Battle Sisters kit and the helmet from a Bretonnian man at arm.
The hammers are from the kit of the white wolf templars with plasticard rods as handles.

I am pretty happy with how she turned up and cannot wait to start painting her!

Let me know what you guys think.



  1. Stupendous work! Great use of the repenta parts mixed with the cypher lord legs, and the excellent putty work really brings it all together.