Thursday 25 February 2016

The Black Handed Prince

The wrath do thou sing, O goddess, of Ullaron's son Ælrik
that baneful wrath which brought countless woes upon the Asur, 
and sent forth to Mirai many valiant souls of warriors,
and made themselves to be a spoil for beasts and all manner of birds;
and thus the will of Khaine was being brought to fulfillment

Good Morning!
Just a quick update on my ongoing project, Prince Ælrik of Cothique, commander of my Aesrtyrion host.

Inspiration for this character came obiouvsly from the cover of the 7th ed HE book with a twist toward the greek vibe. As with the rest of the warband I am aiming at a Iliad feel for him, which to me, is one of the main inspirations for End Times Khaine (or should have been). Think of him as my Achilles, an invincible warrior torn apart by grief and hatred who willingly stepped into the Shadow of Khaine to avenge his lost but found out too late that the path he'd chosen led only to madness.

What I wanted to achieve with him was a simple and dynamic conversion, I wanted to suggest a sense of speed and elegance but keep him as threatening as an elven price should be.
Though apparently simple, the conversion has proven quite a challenge by now,  since I was pushing myself to get the best possible result without any use of Greenstuff. 
I almost did it, though some of the gaps will need filling and details like the reins and saddle will need to get sculpted as well, but most of the work on him is done and I hope that the small bits I need to add will not be an issue for my allergy (finger crossed)

The bits come from a variety of kits, mainly the Tiranoc chariot's horse (possibly the only decently sculpted horses in the High Elves range), legs and base from the High Elves prince kit, sword and head from the Phoenix Guard (with the usual eldar dire avenger's crest, this time I used the exarch one) and the torso from the ellyrian riders' champion form IoB.

I hope to be able to complete the details before the weekend and to start painting him next week.

This Aestyrion project is a really nice breath of fresh air in my hobby activity right now, it gives me the opportunity to assemble a small force with a very high tabletop standard quality without compromising my schedule on other projects. A good thing about AoS is that you don't need to paint your way through 100 rank&file models before being able to play a short battle, a change I really welcome! Now, if only they did not destroy my beloved Old World:(


  1. Nice model, but all Aelf prince that call himself "prince" need a cape, a very big cape XD

  2. lol
    I think you are right my friend, I was actually thinking about the huge floating cape from the DE assassin (Shadowblade). I just need to find one in my bits box!

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