Monday 29 February 2016

Khaine's wrath

Hi guys!

Another update on Prince Aelrik.

He is done and ready for painting! As Gonfrask suggested, I added a voluminous cloak, and I must agree with him it does add to the model, enhancing the sense of speed and the noble aspect of the prince (besides it ties him to the rest of my cloaked spearmen).

I used the DE assassin cloak for the conversion and had to resculpt it slightly to fit it to the rest of the model, but it was worthy in the end!


  1. Well, one word: Perfect!

    Now I can´t wait to see it painted

    1. Cheers Gonfrask, and I did not thank you for your precious advice about the cloak, it really improved the look of the model!
      I am going back to Turin this week end and I don't plan to bring any mini with me, I'll spend some time basing my Aestyrions though and bring them back to London to join the band. You'll have to wait next week to see Aelrik with some paint on it.

  2. I love it! I could b
    eat the guy in a fight with a single high aimed sword swipe - but the greenstuff work is inspirational!

    1. I could beat a highly trained elven swordsmen, any day - but when it comes to typing on a chromebook, without randomly hitting the enter key - FAIL.

    2. hahaha!! that is often the problem with great warriors, not the best handling technology, are they?

  3. Cheers Christopher! the horses I used are the WE glade riders ones, I just sculpted some harnesses and small details.

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