Sunday 23 October 2016

Ælrik finished!

There is the heat of rage, 
the pulsing rush of hate, 
the Bloody-Handed irresistible whisper,
Magic to make the sanest of us go mad

Hi guys!
As you may have noticed it took me quite a long time to finally come back to the hobby, many changes in life to adjust with etc... But I finally found the motivation to come back to my Aestyrions and possibly push a bit more to actually complete a small warband!
That's where I am with it at the moment...


  1. So good you are back!

    The Warband looks great, and I hope to see more models keep painting!!!

    p.d: How are you issues with the green stuff? Is alergic?

  2. Cheers Gonfrask!
    I am a bit better thank you, though I am still not confident with using a lot of gs I think spending some time away from it was very beneficial. I used it a bit a couple of times lately and no side effects appeared.
    But time will tell, In the meantime I have still so much left to paint and complete! I could go on for another year without sculpting and just finishing old projects. Not necessarly the case though, just saying.

  3. Ahh top stuff, good to see more work from your studio, missed your projects on Warseer :)

    Silly question perhaps, have you been reading up on other putty types?

  4. Hey Sebastian! Great to see you around (your wh quest minis are a great source of inspiration for my work btw).
    Regarding putties, I have made a few experiment but I still find myself more comfortable using GS, despite the problems it gives me. As I mentioned though it's getting better and if I am careful I am now able to sculpt for two hours a week without any side effect...
    I had a medical control a while ago where I have been diagnosticated a mild form of gastric reflux which apparently had weakened my throat and made it prone to suffer from this. After I started treating this condition I have to say the issues with GS seem to have disappeared, though I do not feel like starting full force with GS again... Not yet. But I am slowly coming back to sculpting and painting and the prince proved to be extremely enjoyable to finally complete.
    Thanks for your interest in my work and keep an eye on this blog (I also opened a blog on The Grand Alliance forum) as I plan to get back to the hobby in the close feature.

    1. Thanks man back at you chief :D

      That is a rough issue; considering your talent wielding greenstuff. That said, I agree, a great result here :) I'll check out Grand Alliance, had not heard of this forum actually.

      Look forward to your future work as you please.