Monday 26 March 2018

Back to the plains

Good Morning!

Since last post I have received lots of nice messages and emails of support for which I am incredibly grateful! Some of you even made spontaneous donation which I really believe I don't deserve but again, I was delighted to see how many amazing people gravitate around this hobby.

Since you were all very vocal about your wishes to see some of my works again I decided to go back to my Ghurians this sunday  and revisit one of my earlier conversions: the horn blower.

This fellow has a very important role within the tribe. He is the one entrusted with the holy Jagdhurn, whose notes announce the beginning of a holy hunt.

The decision to revisit this conversion comes from the fact that I am back working on my Sons of Or and have found in the Kairic Acolytes kit the base models I sought for my ghurians. In the past I used the bloodreaver (back then the only suitably naked human model in AoS range) for this project but after seeing the acolytes kit I knew they were more in line with what I had in my mind when I envisioned the Sons of Or. Barefoot, no marks or tattoos, a potentially quite sober look and a great base for conversions as so many hobbyists have proven with their work in the past year (first and foremost Duncan Rhodes amazing spearmen). So I bought a kit and started doodling with them back a few months ago but then shifted my attention to other projects and lost focus. Now I feel like coming back to them and I am working on three of these at a time with plans for many bestial additions to the band: sabertooh beasts converted form gryph-hounds, winged black krakaros and the creation of a new leader for my hunters: Or-Sha, the bride of Orar, based on the amazing new Darkoath Warqueen.
My ghurians will son be expanded then so keep an eye on here for more Or-worshipping tribal shenanigans!


  1. Glad to see you back on the hobby saddle! I agree that the Acolytes are a better base for your Ghurians, not only the bare feet and skirts but also the lither body type. The conversion is as always beautifully done, I'm impressed by how smooth your GS work is.

    One critique however, I don't think the way the mouth connects to the horn looks entirely convincing. I feel like the lips should be pressed against the horn, not go around it.

    1. Thanks Apogees! You are quite right, in fact I believe the problem comes from the fact that the horn tip is too thin (due to the removal of the original metal trims). It should be very easy to adjust with a tiny bit of GS to make the horn slightly wider so that the lips of the model just fit around it better. Easier to do than to explain ehehe... I will deal with this and a couple more corrections I noticed from the pictures tonight. Thanks again


      I think this is a good reference.