Thursday 29 March 2018

Bestial strength

The tribes of Or are back hunting across the plains of the Alderans! I am experiencing a rare rush of inspiration that is pushing me to explore once again my personal corner of the AoS setting and I hope there will be more of them coming in the close future.
This one must be my favourite conversion for the Son of Or up to date. The pose just works very well (credit goes, once again, to the amazing Kairic Acolytes kit) and the small greenstuff additions are quite subtle and natural if I can say so myself.
Big inspiration for this project (and for my ghurians in general) comes from Frazetta art and from the very excellent Jacque-Alexandre Gillois sculptures of the Vorag barbarians back in the early 2000 (still think those are the best barbarians sculptures available today).
I also treated myself to the Darkoath Warqueen miniature today! She will be converted into a leader for my warband but not before I finish sculpting some more tribesmen... I need some archers!



  1. The Vorag influence is obvious (which is a good thing!) and you’ve also managed to translate it to match Citadel’s style.

    Where did that style of sculpting armour come from though? I’ve seen it a bunch but can’t figure out who started it.

  2. It’s a good question! I am taking huge inspiration from Allan Carrasco’s works, he seem to be the true master of primitive aesthetic and his creation are spectacular! Of course Jacques-Alexandre Gillois’ Vorags are incredible although they lack the primitive feel that Carrasco’s work have, deeply influenced by African tribal art. I am trying to give them a hint of native american culture as well with the fewthers and red tatoos.

  3. Excellent work as always. I can not even fathom how you sculpt some of these details... I assume you have a shrink ray of some description.

  4. Just flipping gorgeous, mate. If that picture was in black and white I'd assume it was an official GW mini.

    The Darkoath Warqueen and Chieftain models give me hope that we'll see more barbarian style figures coming out of GW in the style of artists like Frazetta. More Conan and He-Man, less Nordic marauders.

  5. I have no idea how you come up with those ultra effective conversions and poses. It's awesome. I love that guy. I can't wait to see your War-Queen conversion.