Wednesday 21 March 2018

Sale time

Good afternoon everyone,

Due to some unexpected circumstances involving a robbery and not having any insurance in place (a lesson a young adult has to learn at some point) I will be forced to put on sale some of my miniatures to sort out my finances.

As much as I do not enjoy having to do it, the following miniatures will be put on eBay in the next few days but before doing that I thought some of you might have been interested in getting them without the hassle of an eBay auction... So here we go, these are the minis and the prices, which take in consideration the retail value of the mini itself plus the time I spent on each.

Please note that the price of each miniature is EXCLUDING delivery charges that will be charged separately

Stormcast eternal 1: Price: 100 
This model was painted as a test for a colour scheme I had in mind for the stormcast eternals. The buyer will get a step by step tutorial on how the marble effect was achieved complete with pictures included in the price that will be sent to them via email as part of the purchase.

Stormcast eternal 2: Price: 100 
This is the second model I did with the marble technique. As the first one the model will come with a step by step tutorial on how to achieve the marble effect included in the price.

The Alluminarch of Anaryn: Price: 250 
This is the leader of my Anaryn warband I created last year. The conversion is pretty complex and involved a great amount of different bits taken from various kits. The model have been painted to a high standard and is an excellent collection piece.

Warrior of the Alluminarchate: Price: 75 

This is the test model for my warriors of the Alluminarchate I did last year.

Warrior of the Sons of Or: Price: Price: 75 
Created two years ago as part of my warband from the plains of Ghur

Anyone wishing to combine more than 1 model will get a 10% discount on the second one or you could take the whole lot for 500€

If anybody is interested or would like to know about any other work of mine that is not included in this list, please contact me at

Thank you all!



  1. Terrible news, I hope you're doing alright.

    1. Thanks mate, I am fine actually but I had a rough weekend. I woke up in the hospital on thursday night with a concussion and no recollection of what happened. I literally have a whole day missing due to the concussion!

    2. Damn, hope they catch those savages.

  2. Yeah, I echo apoteos' sentiment. Sorry to hear about this, and hope you are doing better and things get resolved. It is sad to see you losing some of your stellar work. Although perhaps it is just an excuse to make more?!

    1. Ehehehe, thank you Eric, you are certainly right! As soon as these unfortunate issues are resolved I will be back modelling, I am really feeling the itch recently.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Florian, I really appreciate it!

  4. First your problems with the green stuff, now can´t talk about bad luck reading you (I´m jobless...going for my first year...). I hope you have better luck in the future mate!

    1. Oh thanks mate, but seriously it's not so bad, and to be entirely hones part of it is my fault for never saving anything for difficult times like this... I am almost 30 now and should start caring about the future instead of just living in the present, shouldn't I?
      Really sorry to hear about your unemployment situation I went through the same right after uni and was the toughest time of my life but I can assure you it doesn't last forever and when it's over you'll want back some of that free time;)

  5. Damn--good luck and sorry I don't have the cash to buy these, as I would love to (and help you out too). Best wishes.

  6. Hi Hagen,

    Sad news indeed.
    I would be very interested in the Warrior of the Sons of Or if you still have him.
    All of your models are fantastic, but I like the savage style of this chap 😊

    Please contact me at leskouzes (at)



  7. Hi Matteo,

    So sorry to read that, I hope everything it's ok and wish you the best !

    I send you an email btw;

    Ciao !