Wednesday 25 October 2017

Blast form the past

Hi again!

While I am pleading mighty Chronos to grant me more time to finish some minis, I thought I could start sharing old projects that I never posted here on my blog. There will be more of these blast from the past articles in the future, so fasten your seat belts, here we go!
We start our serie with a warp travel back to the World-That-Was during the difficult times known as the Age of the Three Emperors to a certain eastern city of some renown...
Let me the introduce you to Jan Van Hoogen, captain of the Company of the Golden Mermaid.

Jan started his life as Johan Hagensson, the eighth son a courtesan in Wurtbad. Aged twelve he was sold to a mercenary company, and during the next 25 years he fought his way to the higher ranks, finally becoming a condottiere and gaining an ill reputation during the civil wars of the Age of the Three Emperors, selling his services to whomever was paying better and never swearing allegiance to a single pretender. After years of battles and treacherous conduct he finally retired to Marienburg where he used his blood stained wealth to buy himself a place among the raising merchant guilds of the city. He had a plan to grow old and wealthy in Marienburg but after some years he bit off more then he could chew and got involved in financing a risky expedition to Lustria which went really bad and cost him almost all his money.
Desperate to recover his fortunes he realises he just have one chance left: going back to his previous life as a soldier, squeezing back in his old armour and using all the little money he has left to hire a small mercenary company contacting some of his old "loyal" comrades, murderous rapist all of them. He had heard of Mordheim and the magic stones which seems to be turning mad everybody in the Empire and decides a last good plunder might turn the wheel of fortune back in his favour.

So instead of a grizzled and muscular veteran he is now an old, embittered and greedy fat man, who's desperate for money and doesn't give a horse sh**t about the lives of his men and certainly not about the ones of their opponents. He's definitely not a chubby fellow you'd like to share a drink with down at the tavern!

Jan, along with te rest of the Greedy Wenches, was a commission project I finished last year for a client... As some of you might know, I am always very reluctant to accept commissions, and part of the reason is that I really put all myself into every character I create and not being able to see it finished and painted is still painful for me.

Dear Jan, wherever you are now I hope you are in good hands and got the paint job you deserved!

See you next time with another dive into my past hobby works. Or maybe even something new!


  1. He is a very flash piece! Love it! <3

  2. Gorgeous mini, would've hated to give him up.

  3. Well he sure is in good Hands but did not receive the paint Job he deserves. He received None so far. I am too much in awe to paint him right now as the sculpting work on him (and the others) is far too good ... I really would like to be a good painter as you are... sigh.