Monday 23 October 2017

Wrath of the Ancestors

Listen to the storm, young hunter
Do you hear the howl of the Wanderer King?
Can you hear his war cry shaking the very plains?
He is back to honour the Promise
And to tell us, his children 
that we are not forgotten

Haya! Another warrior of the tribes finished! We can consider this a new generation of Sons of Or, as I changed the bits for the conversion. When I started the Sons of Or the only half naked humans I could find were the Khorne Bloodreavers... But now, thanks to the Great Serpent (tzeentch) the new Kairic Acolytes kit proved just perfect for this project and really renewed my energy! Less cutting and filing, bare feet, no pants, they even have feathers and bird skulls... It's like the gw designers listen to my pleas and released the perfect ghurian kit!
Sorry for the bad pics... They always seem fine on my phone and then I upload them here and look all fuzzy. Oh well, you get the idea I hope.
In other news I am slowly going through my pile of unpainted models and just finished something nice this morning... pictures soon!


  1. Nice to see you back. As I said you the first time you show us these models, I really like the conversion and the paintjob. I still think they are amazing fantasy-native-warriors

  2. That's fantastic, any chance of a parts list on this one, I wouldn't mind a few of them myself!

    1. thanks mate, of course you can have a list of bits.
      The base for this one is the very popular Kairic Acolytes kit (the box ones, not the ST ones).. I just identified the bodies that do not use any armour and used those.
      The head is from the bloodreaver while the mace and the shield are both from the savage orcs kit (readjusted to fit human proportions). The rest is all greenstuff.
      Hope this helps