Thursday 19 October 2017

Alluminarchate MKIII

I am back!

The few among you who are patient enough to follow my blog will know by now that I am not very regular with my posts... in fact I believe that it's more than three months since I posted anything on here! You are not interested in my excuses anyway, you come here for the models, so I thought I'd throw in a couple of Wip pics of what I am working on at the moment... The Alluminarchate warrior markIII (it's the third reinvention and hopefully the final one of the concept).

I am really sorry about the bad resolution of these, I am currently panting the model and will post the final result soon... Wips of the painting

Still some finishing touches to apply and possibly some more details... The base will make the few colours pop out I hope (it worked with the previous colour scheme)... You will notice that I switched the colour on the armour from cream to metal. It works better this way I believe as it gives a slightly less futuristic look to it. I can promise that the metal looks better IRL and hopefully final pictures will show it!

As always, let me know.


  1. It's always exciting to see a new post on your blog. I really like your Alluminarchate concept, they have such an unique look without coming across as kitbashed.

    I think painting the armour in metal is a good idea, is that why you kept the armour plates of the abdomen? However, I feel like that area feels a bit empty now.

    I like how you're able to give them a sinister appearance even while keeping the palette bright, reminds me of Jakob Nielsen.

    I hope you haven't given up on your feral tribesmen project.

    /Nicklas P

    1. Hi Nicklas! Yes I agree with you, if the base doesn't do its magic and pull everything together then I will have to adjust it by adding some sort of motif to the cloth on his abdomen.

  2. Top notch work! The painting is spot on! Although the perspective of the torso looks a little off. I think its illusionary because I'm sure the torso is the right length, but the transition from armour plate to cloth midriff to armoured belt makes the torso seem elongated.

    1. Many thanks Gretchin!
      Yes, I also wonder if it's an issue with the picture as it seem well proportioned IRL.

  3. Lovely work as always and great to see an addition to this most unique of forces. :)