Friday 27 October 2017

Crooked villains and greedy wenches

Hello again

To continue with my journey through Mordheim, here are some pictures of some of Van Hoogen's "Greedy Wenches" conversions.

Let me introduce you to Peetar Ruggbroeder and Rijk Van Rijker, champions and minority shareholders of the Company of the Golden Mermaid. These were converted based on FW Manaan's blade and sold along with our good captain.

Edvard Van Muntz , third son of deceased Herr Loedwijk Van Muntz, ex business partner of Captain Van Hoogen... Conversion loosely based on all time Barry Lindon favourite Lord Bullington.
I have not received satisfaction!

The band with two swordsmen (admittedly not very visible in the picture)... This really funny project drew great inspiration from a couple of movies villains, in particular the aforementioned Lord Bullington from Barry Lindon and the incredible Archibald Cunningham from Rob Roy... They were designed to push the stereotype of Marienburgers as "fops" even further that the official models, bringing in some aesthetic references to the XVII and XVIII centuries, like curly wigs, laces and a bit of extra pomposity. Can you imagine them painted with white-powdered faces and red cheeks that hide 5o'clock shades and rugged scars?  They would have been glorious!

Moving on to my second warband, this is the one I actually play (or will play as soon as I get to complete the scenarios for my table), meet the Reikwald's Wolves of Captain Metzger!

Captain Wilhelm "der Metzger" was inspired by another great movie villain... who can tell me which one? 

Sargent Krantz, the "Bear of Teufelbrück" is the muscles of the band, ready to break bones and smash spines.

Archibald "Peacock", the greatest swordsman of the Reikwald Forest, a self-obsessed narcissist and lethal warrior.

Dieter "Marineburg" the youngest of the wolves... Look at his terrified face!

Ilja, kislevite swordsman and drinking champion of the warband... Not even Sargent Krants is a match for this tough old boot.

And finally the Reikwald Spectres, whose leader, Diebold Serck, was Jaegermeister of the Prince of Reikland Sigismund himself, before disgracing the daughter of a courtier and being exiled from the capital.


  1. If you keep this up I'm going to run out of superlatives. Beautifully modelled and painted as always. I will steal that eye tattoo for some future project.

  2. Oh boy !
    It's really good to see some activities around here ! I really like your style and was desparate about your absence

  3. When I saw these models in Warseer I was about to take my old Estalian band and remake them, sadly another projects were waiting and I couldn´t.

  4. Thanks Sumon!
    I would definitely have a look at your works but unfortunately the link does not seem to work for me. I s there any chance that you can resend it to me?

  5. I think Sumon's post is spam.

  6. That's an incredible work ! Really brilliant !
    I don't know if I may ask but are accepting commissions for little band of warriors (only for conversions, not for painting).
    Can't wait to see what's next !
    Best regards

    1. Hi Gregoire and thanks for your interest. If you wish to discuss commissions drop me an email at

  7. Those Marienburgers are incredible! Did you take any photos of them painted up?

  8. Would love to know what body and arms you used for Edvard Van Muntz. Such a great conversion